In our Chinese Class, we learned to read and write characters and sentences. We also learned sentence structures.  To reinforce our learning, we practiced our new skills by creating dialogues.

Between lectures, we also explored the culture.  We made a variety of foods, including Mooncakes, Dumplings and Zongzi.

In addition to food, we also learned to play Chinese games and sports.  We played Mahjong and Chinese Chess, learned the art of Chinese Brush Painting, performed a Dragon Dance, ti Jian Zi (kicked shuttlecocks), and tried a land version of Dragon Boat racing out in the field.


Dragon Boat “Race”

The traditional dragon boat races (赛龙舟) are held on rivers/lakes where teams typically consist of about 22 people – 20 paddlers, 1 drummer (who is in charge of keeping the beat of the stroke) and 1 person to steer.